Květen 2012

Busy busy..

29. května 2012 v 21:57 | sjuzn |  Deník
Hello my visitors:) Well what can I say about these days?:) It was freaky busy ..:/ and yeah saying to everybody goodbye ,crying and you know stuff like that.So I am here just for saying this..:P and next time when I´ll post here something I´ll be in my country probably crying..:/ see you later..

Back to TN..:)

27. května 2012 v 16:51 | sjuzn |  Deník
hey my lovely visitors!:) I am again so sorry that I was ignoring you..BUT-...P Friday we came from Florida and then we left to family party ... and saturday was the same at morning I sent last box , went to walmart buy some stuff and then family party .. well what can I say ... say bye to some people already is pretty difficult because I spent with them so long and then I need just say bye..? when I was leaving from my country it was easy because I knew that I´ll come back so I didn´t cry .. pretty much I didn´t care BUT now is everything diffrent ... I love this people here so much and even I don´t like food here, and is small city.. I love it.. because I have around me so nice people thats the thing .. they don´t make me mad or something.. well I don´t have time to wrire all my feelings about this place but I ´ll ...:) when I´ll come the double Hell..:P ( my country) lol soo that´s it and yeah now I am going to break up with my boyfriend..:/ fuck i don´t wanna but I need.../ well see you later love you all...)

Florida- Thue,Wedn

24. května 2012 v 17:50 | sjuzn |  Deník
Hello my lovely visitors!:) I am sorry I didn´t post here anything few days..but you know beach and family..:) So what´s happend? Thuesday we just were on beach where we enjoyed really warm sea and then went to eat and then me and my lovely Natascha spent whole night on beach with crazy boys..:) hahah and yesterday? we went to one Island well what can I say? Any cute guy, really dirty beach and sea also wasn´t clear but it was cool...) because fisrt time in my life I saw "ship Ice Cream" hahhah I love it..:) Then we went to alligator park where I was freakin´ out because my cute camera broke ... I think now is little bit better but still is not working right. What makes me really mad ... anyway then we went to shopping little bit. Where I finally bought some cute dress and just hang out..:) And then me and Natascha went to beach where we just listen to some music , dance in underwear and you know just enjoyed summer..:) hhah so that´s it..:) love you all..:)

Photos of day 28

22. května 2012 v 5:31 | sjuzn |  Photo-Webmiss
ďakujem všetkým za podporu..:*) Viem ako to milujete tak Vám sem dneska prídam viac a uhmm povedzme viac zaujimavšie..:P lol
click na "celý článek" ALE ak to nemáte radi tak to ani neotvárajte veď preto to nedávam rovno na oči!!!!


22. května 2012 v 0:07 | sjuzn |  Deník
Hello my dear visitors!:) well finally we came to Florida and I love it!:) Finally beach ,sea , sun ... (guys):P hahah it´s so freaky hot but it doesn´t matter because finally I can catch some color!:) Well now we just came from beach and I just jumped into the shower and I am trying get ready to shopping and also I HOPE healthy dinner!:) well I think that´s it!:) I ´ll try take some pictures but I cannot post it during this time what I am here because this internet is killing me!!! Alright take care ...:) Love you..:)

Photos of day 27

21. května 2012 v 2:23 | sjuzn |  Photo-Webmiss
Dva obrazky ktoré podaktorý nazývali "nevhodné" máte pod perexom lebo naozaj sa mi nechce počuvať debilné reči ohľadne toho ako som skazená..ak sa ti nepáči tak nenaštevuj tento blog...

If I die tomorrow Far East Movement ft. Bill Kaulitz

21. května 2012 v 2:09 | sjuzn |  Hudba
Okay viem ,že asi ste už všetci počuli ten song lebo bolo to všade či facebook , radia, twitter úplne všade. Okay idem sem napísať môj osobný názor takže ma potom nezabíjajte okay!!!:) ten song je totálne na piču..:P akože 2+2 je "deža vu"?:P ako naozaj?:PP a podobné časti?:P textovo je naozaj zlý , nepáči sa mi taktiež ta digitalna úprava Billovho hlasu ALE ten song je perfektný na party , na leto a len tak k odychu takže NIE je to prepadák ,ale povedzme si úprimne Bill ma krásne songy s TH a oni tiež už stvorili lepšie songy ako je tento.. ALE to je len môj názor..:) Enjoy it..:)

Today- 05-20-12

21. května 2012 v 2:00 | sjuzn |  Deník
Hello hello I am really sorry that I pretty much ignored this blog for awhile..:D But you know it´s summer so it´s hot. And we have finally pool so I am spending these days over there..:) with my lovely Natascha and kids..:) well yeah yesterday we had family party plus was here Richard ( guy what I am calling "Rišo)" and another some family friends..:) Well I cannot say it was bad but some akward moments..:P hahah well then today I packed pretty much everything my room is pretty empty what freaks me out but that´s life ... and also I finally packed my stuff for Florida !! I cannot wait be finally there. Smell the amazing sea , weather ,foof, drinks, guys and bla bla bla god I can not wait be there special with Natascha it´s over last trip so we need enjoy that so much. Then we are going see each together in March 2013 and May 2013 we are going travel I think everywhere..:) You know chlid dreams but with here eveyrthing it´s reality..:) That I really love about her..:) hahah okay my lovely visitors..:) I am going post here some stuff because I am not sure if in Florida we have internet... who knows..:) Love you all..:)

P.S. I think everybody knows that was Ice Hockey World Championship..and my lovely country took 2nd place!!!!!!:) I am so proud of them...:) Even thought we didn´t won still it was amazing!!!:) THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS!!!!:) You did great job!!!!!:)

Music 05-17-12

18. května 2012 v 5:20 | sjuzn |  Hudba
ďaľší song je o od Miley.. ja osobne naozaj moc moc moc moc zbožňujem ten song :)

Photos of day 26s

18. května 2012 v 5:15 | sjuzn |  Photo-Webmiss
Ešte k tomuto vždy sa Vám páčia pic so sexom alebo niečo sexualne tak sa pokúsim tu vždy niečo pridať i keď naozaj nečakajte ,že to bude ako porno..:P Na to Vám odporučím blogy kde môžete toho vyše najsť a taktiež spoznať neskutočne úžasné osôbky napr. aj môja úžasna wiki je spolu adminom na jednom s takých..:))

Old/New boyfriend :D

18. května 2012 v 5:04 | sjuzn |  Deník
Hello hello my lovely visitors!:) I am so glad that I am still awake even it´s just about 10 o´clock pm. But whole day I spent taking care about kid.Also me and my lovely Natascha spent whole day in our swimming pool and we are planning our trip to Florida. I cannot wait fot that!!:) Me and she and florida with a lot cute guys. Haha by the way I really don´t think so I posted here about my new boyfried. Well I am not going change anything. I think it´s enough just say that he is sweet,, cute, nice , BUT I am going back to Europe so I am not going let my heart fall in love.... But I really can say that if I´ll be here longer I will... IF I can stay here longer then I really wanna be with him. Because he is such a good person.. but thats won´t happen... well well and when we are talking about boyfriends... today one of my exboyfriend texed me that " I´ll miss you and I still like you so when you come home do you wanna hang out?" hahaha I started laught so much!! because he is a such IDIOT:::P we started date because we were bored and single and pretty much we didn´t know each other... but yeah we started date...:P well you know I am really wild and crazy person so I am sure that I didn´t surprise you hahha :P Alright I think that´s it..:P I really don´t have any idea what talk about so I am done..:) I´ll post some music and "photos of day" but that´s it...:) love you..:)

Talking about wedding..:)

16. května 2012 v 4:26 | sjuzn |  Deník
Hey my lovely visitors I am really thankful that so many people are visiting my blog God I am so happy !!:) so THANK YOU ALL!:) well today one of my old friend god I really don´t remember when we last time visit each other..:P I think 3 years ago?:D well but we are still in touch so it´s good:) so she is going to marriage!! I cannot believe it! she is 21 years old and she will be have wedding her OWN wedding!!!!! Can you believe it?? Like I am okay that my classmate are marriage or some of them are divorsed here in Usa but in Europe???? GOD that´s crazy but I am so happy for her!!:) And I cannot wait for the wedding!:) yeah I am invite!)) so I am really happy this new made my day so good..:) Also in september another my family friend has wedding I cannot wait also for that !!!!:) aaaaaaaaaa that´s crazy can you imagine that one day you will be your OWN wedding???? god I cannot!! I want som much just my wedding dress but another things like husband ,stress about everything ... and pretty much EVERYTHING after wedding god I really don´t know if I want that I am too much scare...:P hhaahha well thought I want marriage just one guy so much BUT that chlid dream and child promise yeah we did it!:P I promised to Tomas/Tom that one day I am gonna marriage him BUT if this gonna happen that I really don´t know...:P haah well that´s all what I wanna say today...:) LOve you all..:) guys...:)
btw this is the questions..:)
DO YOU WANNNA MARRIAGE ONE DAY?/ How old you wanna be???:)))

Photos of day 25

15. května 2012 v 4:19 | sjuzn |  Photo-Webmiss

Monday 05-13-12

15. května 2012 v 4:14 | sjuzn |  Deník
Hey !:) What´s up guys! My whole day went really fast maybe because I was crying, screaming, sleeping, eating..:P well I woke up pretty late about 1:45 afternoon..:P and then I spent my day in livingroom where I was drinking coffee and talking with my darling..:) (Natascha) and then I start fight again with my airlines but they was saying that my flights are again canceld so i was pretty scare and totally mad. I broke so many thing today well but then I just calm down. I sent so many e-mails about FUCK I wanna go home...P hahah I think I freak out so many people because I think I never was so screaming.. well poor people but I am selfish bitch so who cares..:P then we went to graduiation one of my host family sons ( pretty much one of my step step cousin):PP well it was really cute..:) and then we went juts eat...:) and then I again try my airlines and wholaaa it was working...P hahaha I am so HAPPY you don´t have any idea!:) Thought I don´t wanna go home BUT still I don´t like when is something wrong and is not exactly how I was planning so here we go I am comming home..:P hahhah somebody miss me?:P lol..) Love you all..:)

Tenessee photos 18-School part 2

15. května 2012 v 4:01 | sjuzn |  Photo-Webmiss
Natascha , me and my psy.teacher..:)
Me and Allison..:)
Me and Dillan..:) ( Fist person which I met:)
Me and Diante ( do you remember my acident at school when huge guy fell down on my head?:P whooola This is the guy..:) Even I love him I was little bit mad:P:)
Cate and Me:) ( I love this girl so much!!) I think she is the most sweetest girl what I ever met:)

Tenessee photos 18-School part 1

13. května 2012 v 19:07 | sjuzn |  Photo-Webmiss
Me and Natascha
After EOC we had party..:)
Me and Kyle!:) i love him so much!!:) I´ll miss him so much and I bet he will too..:)
Me and Matthew ... God ! He is younger than me and he is taller than me that´s sucks..:P
Aww my personal favorite pic..:) so everybody take care!:) This is me and my favorite history teacher EVER:) couch Clement!:)
Natascha & Mrs Beal and me..:) I love her so much!!!:) She is the best special teacher ever..:) because she is a such sweet person..:) a vďaka nej som mohla vynechať toľko hodin koľko som chcela hahha:)
Me & Matthew finger & Hannah..:) I love her som much!:) Though she is younger than me she is much more crazy and wild than me what freaks me out..:) but I love her ..:) thanks her I survive my last blog..:) hhha
For today it´s all..:) I have much more but I am too lazy and blog is really slow so next TOMORROW::::)))

Saturday -12.05.

13. května 2012 v 18:30 | sjuzn |  Deník
Ahojte tak aká bola vaša sobota?:P lebo rovno sa pýtam celý víkend?:P Takže môj piatok bol iba relax to som už spomínala včera (sobota) som vlastne len ráno strávila na skype a potom som celý deň strávila s "Rišom" boli sme na jeho rodinej oslave.Bolo to zvláštne byť tam s celou jeho rodinou ,ale prežila som..:p Po pár hodinách sme odtiaľ vypadli a šli sme do mesta na miesto kde vlastne sa stretávaju všetci tam sme len kecali a podstate nerobili nič užitočne, potom sme išli pre ďaľšieho kamoša a potom stretli sme stretli ďaľších a ďaľších ved to poznáte..:P a potom sme vypadli k jazeru k mojmu najmilšiemu miestu v celom meste. Milujem to miesto strašne moc..:) a tam som ani neviem akým zázrakom zaspala...P a to doslova..:P a potom ma až zobudili keď som bola pred mojím domom..:P aj to som veľmi sťažka sa dotrepala do postele..:P Stále sa na tom smejem ako som mu tam v naruči kruto zaspala..:P nevadí..:P stáva sa..:P Vždy som hovorila ,že nemám rada amerických chalanov a je to aj pravda nemám ich moc v láske teda až na par výnimiek ,ale to tiež je len zriedkavo..:P Ale zas úprimne povedané absolutne nemám problém s nimi tráviť čas sama. Síce maju uchylne reči (podaktorý) ,ale nikdy nič nespravia. Ale ja som si aj tak vybarala so všetkých tých kamarátov asi tých najlepších..:P ani uchylne reči , ani nič neurobia..:P hahhaha takže tak a dneska sme dostali od mojho host -otca alebo ako ho nazvať neskutočne dobré raňajky síce som neskutočne prepchatá ,ale robí neskutočne dobré palacinky..:) takže tak a teraz idem len sa paprať s fotkami ..:)) takže ich sem pridam dnes abo zajtra:)


12. května 2012 v 5:23 | sjuzn |  Deník
Totalne psycho face...:P hahhah Dva vysoké copíky, kola, čipsy a TV pohodový piatkovy večer...:P Love yall:)