Family party

2. června 2012 v 15:21 | sjuzn |  Deník
Hello my lovely visitors? How you doing today? well my dad woke me up today freaky soon. 9 o´clock am. God that´s hell for me!! I need sleep more and also this weather is killing me. Whole day is rainning and then is sun, also is cold here. God I wanna go back to TN so much..:/ I miss there everything. Even the food!!! :/ Fuck :/ :/ :/ well what more? yeah today I spent some time texting and calling with some Us. friends..:/ I miss them so much:/and of course fighting with my mother but thats is not really interesting and then I just make one video with some pic about "10 months in Usa" well I am not going post it here because all the picures were already here and of course I am going post here new ones:) mainly from Florida:*) maybe today during my family and welcome party I´ll be so bored that I´ll make new video and I´ll post it. But who knows?:) I am such a lazy person lol..:)) alright!:) see you around and yeah Love you all!:) by the way please don´t copy stuff from my blog.. you are such a stupid person when you need all the time copy from me...
also I need say this in my native language because the person is not really smart...
" Ak budeš stále kopírovať môje veci ako je " hudba, fotky a taktiež rubriky " tak ťa nahlasíme a si skončila s blogom ....

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


1 nika nika | 2. června 2012 v 23:28 | Reagovat

LOL stále kopíruje veci?:D sa čudujem ,že ešte žije...:DD veď ona ti pije krv úplne na všetkom:DDD

2 wiki wiki | 3. června 2012 v 16:48 | Reagovat

hahah milovaná rodina oslava:DD

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